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PICS is an ‘Inventory Company Run By Inventory People’.

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Whatever your inventory requirements are, PICS is available.

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The Future of Inventory Auditing Technology!

Count on PICS to provide unparalleled inventory services. 33 years of products and systems refinement through the gathering, validation, and reporting of nearly 10 million inventories. The collection and coalition of this information has yielded revolutionary industry leading standards.

PICS is an inventory company run by inventory people. Our rapidly growing team of experienced inventory service professionals is constructed with a “best of the best” mentality. This approach ensures that your inventory needs are handled by a team of professionals, so that your focus remains on what you do best… taking care of your customers.

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Industry Solutions

Whatever your inventory requirements are, PICS has the solution. Our dependable, efficient, accurate inventory teams are available days, nights, and weekends to meet the needs of your business.

We specialize in all inventory types, from retail inventories to price verifications, our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to excellence raises the bar when it comes to the accuracy and reliability of your inventory count.


Grocery Inventory

PICS dedication to excellence and accuracy has helped us grow a family of satisfied business partners, from local “mom and pop” markets all the way up to nationwide chains.


Retail Stores

PICS can help you pinpoint stock management solutions by providing decision critical data, giving the optimal replenishment by color, size, quantity and type of product so "YOU'LL NEVER MISS A SALE."


Convenience Stores

Each individual site is its own self-generating Profit Center. PICS can assist in the accountability aspect regarding proper control and monitoring of physical assets, sitting on the shelves or in the backroom.


Pharmacy inventory

Every item accounted for and in its proper home.


Hardware inventory

Lets get down to the nuts and bolts. Our trained professionals can take the weight off your shoulders.


Hybrid & Self Service

PICS' Hybrid Workforce is a unique approach that allows customers to participate actively in their inventory management processes while leveraging PICS' expertise and specialized hardware. Traditionally, PICS handled inventory counts independently, but the company now encourages customer involvement to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inventory tracking.

Client Testimonials

PICS' track record is proven repeatedly through 33 years of successful client relationship launches.


"Great Crew. We enjoyed the new technology as it helped with recounts through the store."

- PICS Inventory Client


"Smooth inventory scan, the crew did an awesome job."

- PICS Inventory Client


"I’ve done 10 inventories and this one with PICS was by far the most organized, professional and accurate I have ever done."

- PICS Inventory Client


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The success of a great company does not depend on goals, ideals or objectives. It all comes down to people. This becomes even more true for PICS, The Inventory Company Run By Inventory People.