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PICS Technology:

Transforming Inventory Auditing

PICS leads the industry in delivering innovative inventory auditing solutions. With decades of experience, we have continuously refined our products and systems to set new standards in accuracy and efficiency.

The Titan:

A wireless handheld device with Radio Frequency (RF) capability for seamless inventory capture.

Bluetooth Scanners:

State-of-the-art handheld scanners equipped with flashlights for improved visibility in dark shelving. We have enhanced our scanners with full keyboards and displays to keep the focus on your product as we count.

RFQ Enhancement:

Streamlined auditing process promoting cooperation between stores and our services, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.

CheckPoint IQ®:

Revolutionary tablet-based software that enables comprehensive oversight of the inventory process, eliminating paper reports and providing real-time access to multiple reports for review and accuracy.

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The Future of Inventory Auditing Technology

CheckPoint IQ® represents the pinnacle of inventory auditing technology. This tablet-based software allows managers to oversee the entire inventory process, including drill-down SKU-level data, area approvals, and report generation. It offers enhanced communication, reduces printing, and provides real-time inventory totals and statistics.

Advancing Inventory Auditing Technology

Our Interactive Mapping technology takes inventory auditing to a new level. PICS is first to market with real-time monitoring, drill-down auditing, and the ability to print reports from anywhere in the store, Interactive Mapping dramatically improves efficiency and accuracy. This exclusive technology is only available from PICS, empowering you with comprehensive control over your inventory process.

Leading Inventory Auditing Tool

RF Query has been a game-changer in the inventory auditing field. Utilizing the RF Query Titan handheld device, users can access crucial information remotely and perform various actions. This paperless auditing environment promotes accuracy, efficiency, and timely inventories. Working in conjunction with the iPad programs, allowing more people to audit at the same time. This helps with the accuracy of the count and ensures wrap-up time is minimal.  

Measuring Performance and Satisfaction

Our electronic report card system evaluates adherence to inventory process requirements and performance levels. Swift reactions to customer feedback ensure exceptional service and continuous improvement. Each evaluation is reviewed by the Account managers and field operations, as well as sent to the customer. We value feedback and we like the transparent data flow between our partnership.

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

All our products, including cutting-edge Titans and handheld scanners with Bluetooth® and RF capabilities, are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Our internal IT team employs innovative programming tools to capture and transmit data efficiently and securely. Having full control of our technology PICS is vertical with our solutions. At no point in time are we at the mercy of another manufacturer. No other inventory company can make that claim.


Experience the Power of PICS Technology

Discover how PICS Technology can revolutionize your inventory management. Join the growing list of businesses that have experienced increased accuracy and efficiency with our solutions. Contact us today for transformative inventory auditing technology.