Industry Solutions


Grocery Inventory

PICS was founded on grocery inventories, this is our sweet spot!

PICS was founded on a dedication to supermarkets. Quickly developing a niche, we tailored our early growth to service everything from local family-run markets to extensive nationwide chains. We understand the unique pulse of grocery retail and align our services to suit your needs.


Retail Inventory

Ensure that your retail business thrives.

PICS Inventory specializes in comprehensive stock management solutions, perfectly suited for Retail Stores. PICS specializes in comprehensive retail store management solutions.

In this fast-paced world of supply chain cycles, synergy is crucial. From the introduction stage to sell-down and markdown stages, we provide valuable insights that allow you to optimize your inventory management and boost profitability.


Merchandising Inventory

PICS Inventory specializes in comprehensive stock management solutions.

Welcome to the realm of merchandising inventory excellence, where PICS is dedicated to providing you with top-notch solutions to optimize your merchandising strategies.

Our enhanced markdown strategies are designed to help you decrease markdown rack size and ensure that you sell what customers want today. With precise data and insights, you can make informed decisions to strategically manage your inventory, reducing the need for excessive markdowns and maximizing your profitability.


Hardware Inventory

Counting your extensive inventory of SKUs across different departments and categories.

Welcome to the world of efficient inventory management solutions, designed exclusively for Hardware Stores. At PICS, we recognize the challenges that come with inventory time for hardware store owners and their staff. Counting a vast array of nuts and bolts, dump bins, and a diverse range of products can be an overwhelming task.

Rest assured, we understand the significance of accurately counting all the small and unique items in your hardware store, from ropes and chains to seasonal items. Our expert teams are well-equipped to handle the complexities of counting extensive inventories, covering a wide range of SKUs across different departments and categories.


Convenience Inventory

PICS Provides Support for C-Store Physical Inventory Counts on Both Coasts.

PICS specializes in the creation of seamless inventory management solutions tailored specifically for Convenience Stores. At PICS, we understand the unique challenges faced by C-stores and offer dedicated support to enhance their operational efficiency on both coasts.

Accountability is paramount for the success of every Convenience Store. With our services, you can take control and closely monitor the physical assets on your store shelves and in the backroom, ensuring an effective management of your bottom line. Conducting regular physical inventories has proven to be a reliable way to keep track of your valuable assets and make informed decisions for your business.


Warehouse Inventory

PICS specializes in providing expert solutions to streamline your counting processes.

With our expertise, we can expertly count a wide range of unique items and SKU departments in your warehouse. No matter how diverse your inventory is, you can trust us to handle the intricacies of the counting process with precision and accuracy.

At PICS, we understand the importance of flexibility in reporting. That's why we offer customizable reports tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require financial-based reporting, analysis by area and department, or insights on unique SKUs, we've got you covered. Cross docking, raw goods, finished goods inventory - whatever your inventory needs are, our solutions are designed to accommodate them all.


Pharmacy Inventory

We prioritize compliance assurance to safeguard your pharmacy's operations and reputation.

Welcome to the realm of accurate and secure inventory management solutions, tailored exclusively for Pharmacies. At PICS, we understand the critical importance of maintaining precise counts, especially when dealing with prescription drugs and combatting inventory losses and abuse.

Counting and managing the vast array of pharmaceutical products can be a challenging task for pharmacy owners and staff. But fear not, our expert teams are highly skilled in conducting accurate counts, particularly with NDC codes, ensuring that your pharmacy's inventory remains meticulous and up-to-date.


Auto Parts Inventory

PICS excels in providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance your inventory counting processes.

Our proficiency lies in accurately counting a diverse array of items, from small unique parts, Ropes, Chains, Nested parts, Pairs, left and right, Mom/Baby, and SKUs in your auto parts store. Regardless of how varied your inventory is, you can rely on us to manage the intricacies of the counting procedure with unparalleled precision.