PICS Inventory Software PRISM Streamlines Brookshire’s Inventory

Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy uses PICS Inventory Specialists PRISM software as a part of their physical inventory solution.  Brookshire ‘s has identified the many benefits of using PRISM by PICS.


Scheduling– We use PRISM on a weekly/monthly basis always making sure our schedule matches what PICS has. This eliminates PICS showing up and the store not knowing they have inventory or vise/versa.  With the inventory schedule constantly changing due to weather, special requests made by BGC or request by PICS, it’s an excellent tool when changes are made, for verification both parties got the changes confirmed.

User Friendly – It’s completely easy to navigate through PRISM and easily accessible to export the schedule or any files needed.

Status – We can log in at in given time during an inventory and see exactly how inventory is going (how far along, how many counters are there)

Reporting –  As soon as the PICS team have closed out of inventory, we can access PRISM and pull any reports early if needed.  We are sent the files electronically overnight; however, this is beneficial especially at period end closing we don’t have to wait on the files, we can pull the files straight from PRISM.

PRISM has been an excellent tool for Brookshire’s and highly recommend for any company looking for an easy to use inventory solution.

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