__0000_technologyPICS Innovation Continues to Lead the Industry

Beginning in the late 1970’s, PICS sister companies A.S.T., Inc. and UDI began designing, manufacturing, servicing, and selling physical inventory auditing machines for the world’s largest inventory service. Today our technology expertise continues to keep us in the forefront of the industry with:

The Titan: Equipped with Radio Frequency (RF) for a completely wireless physical inventory capturing process

Bluetooth: State-of-the-art handheld scanner, some equipped with flashlights to see into dark shelving

RFQ: Enhancement of the auditing process to encourage cooperation between your stores and our service, which ensures greater accuracy and efficiency

NEW Checkpoint IQ®: Launched in 2013, this software uses tablet hardware to display numerous reports that can be reviewed for accuracy, eliminating the need for paper reports—GOING GREEN!

Check out our sister company, A.S.T., Inc.