Converting from Financial to UPC counts

Bar Codes and UPC’s have become a part of everyday life, from scanning product through customer checkout systems and assisting in warehousing shipment logistics to scanning product back end and front end, ensuring complete, accurate ordering and receiving. This simple mark on your soup cans has provided tremendous advantages necessary for today’s successful and profitable retailer by helping with operating accurately and efficiently, ensuring the right product and the right amount of product is in the right place at the right time.

Bar Codes and UPC’s have also provided retailers with many advantages in the area of physical inventory, by allowing today’s retailer to increase the accuracy of their physical inventories in terms of proper departmentalization, proper categorization and proper price capturing of retail and/or cost. Physical UPC level inventories provide the store manager with tools that he or she can utilize for a quick and easy review of their physical inventory. The detailed data obtained during a higher level UPC inventory count can also be used to assist in reordering of product, space optimization, variance reporting and proper pricing of product. The advantages are tremendous.

Your inventory service provider can partner with your organization to assist in the move from “Financial” level physical inventories to “Scanned UPC level” inventory.  To determine the best fit for your organization, you need to consider your current or future software packages and weigh the cost and benefits of sticking with Financial counts or converting to a Non-Flavored or Full-Flavored UPC count. Consult your Information Technology department when considering this step.