Benefits of TWO Inventory Services

It may seem that using two inventory services would mean double the trouble, twice the work, or that it would needlessly complicate a process that’s already complicated enough.

However, there are real benefits to using two vendors:

1. Scheduling flexibility. Improved chances of receiving the dates you want, not what the service can give you.

2. Technology. There may be certain key regions of your store chain where heightened technical capabilities may be needed to accommodate unique challenges.

3. Growth. As your business grows and needs change, two vendors can provide the flexibility needed to handle the expanded territory and additional inventory needs.

4. Rates. By using more than 1 service, rates are kept in check.

5. Geographic problems. If one inventory service is having problems in an area, the other can pick up the inventories.

6. Time. The window can sometimes be reduced to complete all the inventories in a shorter period of time.

There are also benefits to having a sole-vendor relationship, but it really depends on your company footprint. If your business has hundreds of stores nationwide, a multiple-vendor approach is best. For companies with a regional or more local footprint, a sole-vendor approach is the better option.