PICS Unveils Our New Blog for 2014

Happy New Year!

These are exciting times for Phyle Inventory Control Specialists (a.k.a. PICS Inventory) as we roll out a new website and a new blog. This is our first posting—glad to have you along!

Over the years to come we will be posting on a wide range of topics specific to the Inventory Control industry in general, and Physical Inventory counts in particular. The topic of Accuracy will be discussed, as well as the importance of cycling inventories, Financial counts by departments versus Scan-UPC inventories, auditing team professionalism, and reporting. Best business practices for grocery and retail will also be discussed, including the importance of using dedicated teams and the difference between having 3rd party inventories vs. in-house. Industry news and a wide variety of other topics related to physical inventory solutions will also be explored.

We look forward to the start of a long exchange of information—from our posts on one side, and your feedback to these posts on the other. The goal is for us to learn from you, the reader, as much as you learn from us.

So I’ll finish this inaugural post with a question—what kinds of topics, questions or challenges would you like to see us write about during the next year?