Manager #2

PICS Mission Statement says it all, “To provide our customers the most accurate inventory in an acceptable time frame and at a fair price while developing our employees in an environment that fosters professionalism, team work and mutual respect.” PICS truly lives by their Mission Statement. From the initial research meeting to planning and development to counting and reports, PICS engagement has truly been a partnership. We have been extremely satisfied with our decision to award all our inventory counts to PICS. We initially engaged PICS as a resource for development as we moved from retail based inventory to a UPC cost driven accounting model. We quickly realized PICS professionalism, knowledge and genuine attitude would lead to a bigger role with our company. Store Managers are constantly amazed at the accuracy they observe from Audit Trails but have been most impressed with the introduction of RF Query. With RF Query each store management team realizes a greater confidence that their inventory count was as accurate as possible. PICS has been constantly engaged in our continuing transition to a true cost based accounting system always offering new options, reports or insights into how we can improve the accuracy of our counts or the length of time to complete our counts.