An Industry-Leading Inventory Auditing Tool

RF Query was the first technology breakthrough that separated PICS from other inventory services. The power of the RF Query TITAN handheld allows the user to remotely and independently receive the following information or perform these actions:

  • Request pieces/unique item totals for any location, within the store, OR throughout the store
  • RFQ allows store personnel the option to do quantity edits
  • Measure the accuracy of each PICS team member during the entire inventory process, start to finish
  • Request a detail report from the sales floor and it will be waiting for you at the PICS printer
  • Agree with the query results, approve the location real time
  • Post inventory reporting provides who, when and where queries were completed


rf-queryRF query allows for a paperless auditing environment providing for a “Greener” inventory. All reports can still be printed if desired. Driving to the goal of greater accuracy, timely inventories, with a shorter wrap up time RFQ is a WIN – WIN for success!