pics-checkpoint-iqThe Future of Inventory Auditing Technology!

Just as we did with RFQ back in 2009, PICS revolutionized inventory technology again in 2013 with the unveiling of CheckPoint IQ®.

This tablet-based software program allows a manager to completely oversee the entire inventory process, from drilling down into SKU-level data to reviewing and approving areas to printing reports.

High value entries can be reviewed, queries on individual auditors can be performed and the progress of approving areas can be monitored.

No other inventory service offers this tool. Call us today at 888-303-8482 for more details.

● Going GREEN by reducing printing!
● Faster Communication between PICS Supervisor and Store Management!
● Real time inventory totals and statistics on progress of inventory

Detailed Audit Report with drill-down by SKU Area Approval Progress Report
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