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Discovery Interview:

  • Begin discussions concerning Count Methodology, Scheduling, and Data-Return
  • PICS will request a current Store List, Department List and Validation File (if UPC)
  • Develop a set of specific inventory procedures that will ensure an accurate, efficient inventory

IT Gathering:

  • PICS IT team will engage your IT team to personally work through project requirements:
  • Reporting layouts (for Financial or Scan inventory)
  • Record layout for validation file (per store or chain-wide)
  • Barcode types, check digits, Alpha characters
  • Data return specifics
  • Other requirements

Wall-To-Wall Inventory:

  • Internally Test and Validate all files, programs, reporting and processes
  • Flow through entire process, confirming all aspects are working properly to produce an accurate, efficient physical inventory count


  • Utilize our sophisticated scheduling system to ensure that you receive your inventory schedule:
  • When promised
  • Within the right parameters
  • In the right format
  • Ensure that delivery dates, blackout dates, and any other unique scheduling requirements are adhered to


  • Phone call to the Store Manager 7 days prior:
  • Confirm inventory date & time
  • Discuss pre-inventory store preparation
  • Address items of concern

Inventory Day:

  • Pre-inventory walk-through for first time inventories or stores with new store managers to address:
  • Flow of the inventory team
  • Mapping the store to ensure that all areas and fixtures will be counted
  • Inventory Day: A true partnership to ensure a professional experience for all


  • Both PICS and Store Managers will complete electronic report cards to evaluate adherence to inventory process requirements and performance measurement levels
  • Once the event is complete, PICS will work with you to:
  • Review feedback from inventories just completed
  • Determine the game plan for the future so we can begin scheduling monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual inventories
  • Explore any additional ways PICS can serve your Inventory and Supply Chain needs