-_0008_differenceThe Inventory Company Run By Inventory People

PICS is the industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and implementation of the top inventory taking equipment and technology available. Our “RF Query Technology” released in 2009, along with the usage of our most advanced edition of the PICS “Titan” handheld and our newest state of the art technology CheckPoint IQ®, has allowed our field counting teams to provide our customers the best in accurate, efficient, and professional inventories.

Our ever-expanding family of PICS business partners has come to experience and expect Top Quality service from our Highly Experienced Headquarters Staff, Field Management Specialists, and Team Auditors. Our Team Auditors are Well Trained and Experienced in all types of physical inventory taking and service-level projects.


We consistently monitor and develop processes to improve our results within the family of performance variables that are important to our business partners. Accuracy, Quality, Timeliness, Efficiency, and Professionalism are at the top of the list of what is important to our business partners.

Your organization will see what all the “buzz” is about in the inventory and service industries once you begin partnering with PICS Inventory Specialists. You will quickly see that we are run and operated by the best and most professional inventory people that just happen to Passionately Know the Business.