-_0011_hardwareInventory time can be a stressful time for hardware store owners and their associates. All those nuts and bolts, dump bins, and the entire product line to count!!

PICS knows how to count all the small unique items like rope, chain, and seasonal items within your store. Our teams are experts at counting your many SKU’s and different departments/categories. PICS’ methodology can be adapted to your reporting needs whether it’s financial, by area and/or department, or by unique SKU’s. If you haven’t made the transition to item level SKU inventories, call and ask about the advantages this will bring to your company.

Here is what one hardware store owner had to say about his experience working with PICS for the first time.

“The crews came in as committed, there were enough counters, and the reports generated were excellent (I particularly like the fact that I can now download count details, detect exception items, and make corrections before our IT department rolls over the counts to our ERP’s inventory module; this is the first time in 10 years that I have this ability to do so. Very good!). We are very pleased with PICS’ performance and are very happy we moved to your company from RGIS. We’ve never had this coordination and or cooperation before.”

–Do it Center

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