Our Sweet Spot: Grocery Inventories

PICS Uses the Tried And True Dedicated Teams Concept

Grocery stores and super markets are the “Sweet Spot” for PICS’ across the country. PICS dedication to excellence and accuracy has helped us grow a large family of satisfied business partners, from local “mom and pop” markets all the way up to large nationwide chains. At PICS we specialize in a true dedicated team approach, and having the same inventory crew and manager in your store has earned us comments in our electronic evaluation reports like:

Auditor-grocerypage“By far the best inventory crew I have had. Team was very professional, thorough, and efficient.”

“This crew was very professional and did an outstanding job. They were all very neatly dressed, conducted themselves in a very professional manner and counted very accurately. I think they are a great addition to our company”

We provide you with a high level of accuracy and reporting necessary for your internal team to properly analyze your store operations. Our proven processes and technology can turn the raw data we capture into valuable information which you can then use to make the right buying decisions, roll-out merchandising plan-o-grams, and make security decisions needed to be competitive and profitable in today’s retail world. Just ask our references!