-_0015_convenience stores2PICS Can Support C-Store Physical Inventory Counts on Both Coasts

To be successful, each C-Store has to be accountable for its own bottom line profit / loss margins. A key ingredient to being accountable is proper control and monitoring of the physical assets sitting on the shelves or in the backroom. Conducting physical inventories is a sure fire way of controlling your valuable assets. How?

  • Unsold product has a major impact on profit / loss numbers.
  • Physical inventories conducted at the department and/or UPC level are a must for the convenience store owner to track and monitor assets at store level.
  • The ability to review trends, monitor high shrink items like cigarettes, cups, and health and beauty items are some of the key areas to gauge the health of your business.
  • How are you keeping track of your assets being stored outside in a storage shed or items sitting outside the front door?


At PICS, we have extensive C-Store physical inventory experience that will help assist the single store operator or the large corporate chain operator. Whether it’s financial inventory by department, non-flavored SKU inventory or full-flavored SKU inventory, PICS Inventory has the best business practices to educate your company. Contact PICS today (888-303-8482) or complete and submit the information request form on this site.

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