PICS_HeadquatersAt PICS, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service when it comes to counting your inventory. Over the last 33 years, our associates have refined our products and systems through the gathering, validation, and reporting of nearly 10 million inventories. That experience led to the constant evolution and unrelenting development of industry leading standards for the collection of your inventory data.

PICS is an ‘Inventory Company Run By Inventory People’. Our rapidly growing team of experienced inventory service professionals is constructed with a “best of the best” mentality. This approach ensures that your inventory needs are handled by a team of All Stars, so that your focus remains on what you do best… taking care of your customers.

PICS-Our development and Our “Renaissance” – the new beginning…

2014   PICS unveils new website and publishes first blog posts!
2013   PICS launches CheckPoint IQ® and opens two new offices
2012   PICS continues to expand and currently has auditing teams in 33 States
2011   Opened regional offices in Dallas, Shreveport, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Hawaii.
2010   Opened additional offices in 5 states
2009   Several new regional offices expanded coverage to 22 states
2009   The “RF” Query technology was released with the most technologically advanced “Titan” units to expedite and improve our team’s field performance
2006-2007   Acquisitions of three other inventory services
2005   The Titan Inventory Programming Suite released PICSOL (PICS On-line) Customer Relations Management/Scheduling enterprise suite released
2005   The Titan auditing data collector was released to the PICS field teams
2005   Phyle Inventory Control Specialists (PICS) was established
1977-2005   The A.S.T., Inc. “Audit” data collector was private labeled and continually upgraded with the latest in technology
1977   A.S.T., Inc. sister company UDI develops inventory software programs
1977   A.S.T., Inc. begins to manufacture auditing data collectors for the worlds largest inventory service