Birth Of An Inventory Company

Birth Of An Inventory Company

Back in the old days when Phyle Inventory Control Specialists (PICS) was just an idea, the question we were faced with was, “How can we grow an inventory company with no managers, no offices, no crews, and no customers, but we have the world’s greatest technology?”

With that, we knew if we were going to go head-to-head with the two largest inventory services in the market, we had to find a way to “out-service” the big guys. That’s when PICS’ Go-to-Business methodology was set forth within a very particular niche by targeting large Grocery store chains that cycle their inventories over the course of 48 weeks per year. This approach was designed with the concept of true Dedicated Teams of auditors that work within the same areas of the same stores day after day. We then would build these operational processes around the best technology in the industry.

Once the business model was in place, the sales team went to work selling many accounts from coast to coast. PICS quickly earned a stellar reputation in the grocery industry for being an inventory company with cutting edge technology and ideal operational processes. These tools raised the bar in the industry by increasing the accuracy, improving the flow, and decreasing wrap-up time of inventory counts from what these companies were used to.

As PICS took on newly-sold accounts, we organically grew new teams throughout the country in order to service these grocery store chains. Today, PICS is operating with more than 38 teams from coast to coast supporting some of the largest Grocery store chains in the USA.

Not bad for a company that started with no managers, no offices, no crews and no customers!