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With PICS you’re always getting a great crew of experienced auditors focused on the things that matter most—Accuracy. Professionalism. Efficiency.

See what our inventory partners say about us!

PICS’ track record is proven by numerous successful launches. Our clients tell the story of our world-class inventory service better than we ever could.

  • Crew did a fantastic job counting correctly with little to no mistakes. Recount were 100% accurate on all counters. Crew was very professional.

    - Manager #13
  • All crew members were kind. Store was counted in a very timely manner. Crew lead was knowledgeable. Couldn't have asked for a better inventory day!

    - Manager #12
  • Very professional. I really appreciated the attention given to the customers. For example, counting all registers and kiosk first thing to minimize customer interruption. Very knowledgeable around procedures. Counters very efficient. Thanks!

    - Manager #11
  • This crew was very professional and did an outstanding job. They were all very neatly dressed, conducted themselves in a very professional manner and counted very accurately. I think they are a great addition to too our company.

    - Manager #10
  • I have had many great inventory crews in the past. I rate this crew above all others. I observed great communication and direction given to crew. All crew members seemed to be experienced and moved product around to get accurate counts. I am very pleased to have this crew in my market and will be glad to have them back in the future. Great job to them all!!! Thank you!

    - Manager #9
  • Of all the inventory crews that we have had, our first experience with PICS was EXCEPTIONAL!! This crew was professional, courteous, and very good at what they do. I can't wait to work with them again in the future. Thank you for everything!!

    - Manager #8
  • This was my first time working with PICS. This was a breath of fresh air compared to other services used in the past. The PICS staff was very friendly and helpful to our associates and customers. I was nervous about going to a new company but they have far exceeded my inventory expectations!

    - Manager #7
  • I am beyond impressed with the service PICS offered us. We have used other inventory companies in the past, and you were quick, efficient, and very friendly. I would much like to use PICS in future inventories. They made the process a breeze. Thank you again!

    - Manager #6
  • As usual they were great. It is nice to have a crew that is familiar with our store and inventory. They are always professional and friendly. I don't dread inventory any more. I actually look forward to it because they make it a pleasant experience.

    - Manager #5
  • Our store management could not have been more pleased with the service levels that your inventory teams provided. I received several compliments and positive feedback regarding the accuracy, professionalism, and attitude of your teams.

    - Manager #3
  • PICS Mission Statement says it all, “To provide our customers the most accurate inventory in an acceptable time frame and at a fair price while developing our employees in an environment that fosters professionalism, team work and mutual respect.” PICS truly lives by their Mission Statement. From the initial research meeting to planning and development to counting and reports, PICS engagement has truly been a partnership. We have been extremely satisfied with our decision to award all our inventory counts to PICS. We initially engaged PICS as a resource for development as we moved from retail based inventory to a UPC cost driven accounting model. We quickly realized PICS professionalism, knowledge and genuine attitude would lead to a bigger role with our company. Store Managers are constantly amazed at the accuracy they observe from Audit Trails but have been most impressed with the introduction of RF Query. With RF Query each store management team realizes a greater confidence that their inventory count was as accurate as possible. PICS has been constantly engaged in our continuing transition to a true cost based accounting system always offering new options, reports or insights into how we can improve the accuracy of our counts or the length of time to complete our counts.

    - Manager #2
  • PICS has consistently provided efficient and accurate physical counts as well as excellent customer service. Feedback received from store Directors and Managers has been extremely positive with many commenting that they feel as though they have formed a true partnership with the PICS team. The transition to PICS was very smooth and has thus far been a rewarding partnership. We look forward to a long relationship and possibly expanded services.

    - Manager #1
  • Our store management could not have been more pleased with the service levels that your inventory teams provided. I received several compliments and positive feedback regarding the accuracy, professionalism, and attitude of your teams.

    - Manager #4



Case Studies

PICS has successfully partnered with numerous Grocery and Retail partners to modernize their physical inventory processes.

  • Case Study – Fin to UPC

    Case Study – Fin to UPC
  • Case Study – Retail

    Case Study – Retail
  • Case Study – PICS

    Case Study – PICS

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