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With PICS you’re always getting a great crew of experienced auditors focused on the things that matter most—Accuracy. Professionalism. Efficiency.

See what our inventory partners say about us!

PICS’ track record is proven by numerous successful launches. Our clients tell the story of our world-class inventory service better than we ever could.

  • One of the best and smoothest inventories I have been involved in over a twenty year period...great job.

    - Store Manager #3 Evaluations
  • Extremely impressed with accuracy and the entire inventory process!

    - Store Manager #4 Evaluations
  • Great team, extremely fast. Very professional. Like this crew and company.

    - Store Manager #5 Evaluations
  • Crew was here at 6:30, thanks. No issues from any of the crew members. Worked well with us to go back and check any issues. Easy to use equipment and Matthew able to show us how to work with ease. Thanks again.

    - Store Manager #6 Evaluations
  • Excellent Experience. Very polite and courteous crew. Very knowledgeable.

    - Store Manager #7 Evaluations
  • Great Crew. We enjoyed the new technology as it helped with recounts through the store.

    - Store Manager #8 Evaluations
  • Best Inventory crew I've ever had!

    - Store Manager #9 Evaluations
  • Inventory crew very good, finished in a timely manner.

    - Store Manager #10 Evaluations
  • Everything went very smoothly. the crew leader was excellent and very helpful.

    - Store Manager #11 Evaluations
  • I was extremely impressed with the overall time and accuracy.

    - Store Manager #12 Evaluations
  • I've used other companies and this company was very impressive.

    - Store Manager #13 Evaluations
  • Smooth inventory scan, the crew did an awesome job.

    - Store Manager #14 Evaluations
  • I've done 10 inventories and this one with PICS was by far the most organized, professional and accurate I have ever done

    - Store Manager #15 Evaluations
  • Was glad to have a company come in at the time they were scheduled. They were very friendly.

    - Store Manager #16 Evaluations
  • Crew did a fantastic job counting correctly with little to no mistakes. Recount were 100% accurate on all counters. Crew was very professional.

    - Manager #13
  • All crew members were kind. Store was counted in a very timely manner. Crew lead was knowledgeable. Couldn't have asked for a better inventory day!

    - Manager #12
  • Very professional. I really appreciated the attention given to the customers. For example, counting all registers and kiosk first thing to minimize customer interruption. Very knowledgeable around procedures. Counters very efficient. Thanks!

    - Manager #11
  • This crew was very professional and did an outstanding job. They were all very neatly dressed, conducted themselves in a very professional manner and counted very accurately. I think they are a great addition to too our company.

    - Manager #10

Case Studies

PICS has successfully partnered with numerous Grocery and Retail partners to modernize their physical inventory processes.

  • Case Study – Fin to UPC

    Case Study – Fin to UPC
  • Case Study – Retail

    Case Study – Retail
  • Case Study – PICS

    Case Study – PICS

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